Filling in the Gaps with Fully-Furnished Apartments for Students

Apartment hunting for students is stressful. You have to find the perfect neighborhood that is safe and comfortable, while ensuring that the space is a good place to study. Beyond that, students want areas that have cafes, restaurants, bars, and access to social life. It’s a combination that can make it difficult to find the perfect living situation.

Beyond just the neighborhood, looking for furniture and furnishing a place can be expensive and disastrous. It’s hard to find the perfect longue chair, or even mattress, to make home feel like home. It’s even more difficult to do this in a place that is as bustling and hectic as New York City, where a variety of institutions call home.

This is why is the one stop site to find a student’s dream apartment in the Big Apple. Students can browse a huge selection of apartments, ranging from studios to multiple bed and baths, to find the most suitable place for them. The apartments are fully-furnished, so mom and dad don’t have to worry about getting the right mattress, couch, fridge, and everything else! Plus, the leases aren’t year-long, so if you want to mix up your housing situation, you’re free to do so!

If you’re a New York-based student looking for a dream apartment, check out

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