Tips on Taking the Subway in New York


If you are just moving in to your corporate housing in NYC, you have a lot to discover. After settling into your furnished apartment in the Upper East Side, it’s time to explore your new home. But how? Traffic in New York is notoriously bad. The problem is exacerbated by the mediocrity of New York City’s taxi service; they are expensive and don’t always know how to get to your destination. The phrase, “Never drive in New York” rings true when it comes to its traffic.

The faster alternative would be to take the subway. It is much cheaper, easier to navigate, and you won’t have to deal with reckless drivers in a hostile street environment. The only exceptions to this rule are that you’re either too drunk to remember the subway line or you live in Queens and need to get to LaGuardia Airport.

When taking the subway, it’s best to stick with the crowd. If you see the train pull up and notice one car empty while the rest are packed, it’s probably because they smell something you haven’t yet.

Of course, show etiquette in the subway. Make your seat free for the elderly if they need it. Don’t feel compelled to if they have a spring in their step and just want to stand. Any time you need relocation services in NYC, begin your search at

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