Benefits of Renting an Apartment (Without Having to Sign a Long-term Lease)

Sometimes, your dream apartment isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. A week into it, you feel that it’s too drafty, or the water doesn’t run hot enough, or the floorboards creak too much. But what can you do? You signed a yearlong lease. You can’t afford to be penalized, but you don’t want to continue paying rent for something that isn’t perfect.


That’s where it benefits you to rent out apartments for shorter leases. You get so much more from it—you can leave when you want to, there are more opportunities for traveling, and you don’t ever have to fully unpack your bags! It’s a great mentality to have this jetsetter attitude, and it’s also a way to live in more places and explore more options.


Through, you can short-term lease apartments that are fully-furnished and ready to go. These apartments have gorgeous furniture, views, and are located in great neighborhoods. You can even explore more of NYC by jumping from apartment to apartment!


Why settle down? Find the apartment that is perfect for you, or continue living carefree and enjoying what all of NY has to offer you. Spend a month in Union Square, then try out East Village, and make your way to the Upper West Side. Your options are limitless!

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