The Perks of Fully-Furnished in New York

Fully-Furnished Apartments in New York

Here’s the deal. If you’re young and you’re living in the big city, it’s a hard knock life. Rent is expensive and your situation is consistently precarious—moving job to job, home to home, not yet decided on what it is that will satiate you long-term. Well, here’s some solace—you can use MyNyHousing for not just convenient housing, but the most convenient and creative housing: fully furnished.

One can only do so much couch-hopping before it’s time to move on to bigger and better things, but not when a mattress and a bed frame surmount to a paycheck or two. Living out of a single suitcase is a tad bit too nomadic, but splurging on a nice dresser just isn’t a priority. Priority lies in the unlimited Metrocard, a nice blazer for interviews, and the never-ending bagel runs. THAT is the benefit of fully furnished.

Why be bored? Fully-furnished means character, a home that will have a story, and also capture the essence of being a New Yorker. Allow a moment to embody the art of your home—let the paintings and the plants create a story. Choose the corporate housing in Union Square, or choose the cozy furnished rental in Murray Hill—whatever floats your boat.  THAT is the benefit of fully furnished.

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